Information on Home purchases and links to county information

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We have information for you if you are moving to a new home- a new area -just drop us an email and tell us where you are moving-if it is a new area- or if you are moving to your own home for the first time let us know and we will give you some useful information to assist you in this new endevor.

Below are some links to some San Francisco Bay Area Cities.

The following links will assist you in finding information about a new area.
Marin County California Information about Marin County California
Information on the schools in Marin
Information on Business in Marin
Libraries in Marin
San Francisco General Information on San Francisco
San Francisco Schools
Business Information
Oakland The Oakland Community
City of Oakland Schools
Libraries of the City of Oakland
City of Oakland Business
San Jose The San Jose Community
City of San Jose Schools
Libraries of the City of San Jose
City of San Jose Business
Walnut Creek The Walnut Creek Community
City of Walnut Creek Schools
Libraries of the Contra Costa County
City of Walnut Creek Business
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