Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a short list of questions that are often asked regarding real estate lending. If you have additional question please contact us. Click here

    1. How long will it take to close my residential loan? It depends on the type of loan you want.
ANSWER: The standard residential loan can be closed in two- three weeks- In some circumstances we can fund loans in three days.
Once we obtain information on the type of loan needed we will contact you immediately and give you a time frame for your loan.

    2. What kind of appraisal is needed?
ANSWER: It can only be determined once the loan program is selected.

    3. How much will the loan cost?
ANSWER: Residential loans can be completed with no costs or fees- Costs or fees affects the interest rate-so if you choose a no point-no fee loan the interest will be a little higher then one who pays lender cost and or fee. To determine whether you want a no cost no point loan- one should decide whether you plan on keeping the loan for a a long time or not. We can help answer this question.

    4. What if I have some credit questions? ANSWER: No problem we have loans to help almost anyone.

    5. What if I can not document my income? ANSWER: No problem we have programs for almost everyone.

If you have other questions just contact us or give us a call at 415-461-6712, email